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Horse and the City

In Season 2, Ep 18 “Ex and the City” – the episode where Big tells Carrie that him and Natasha are engaged – there are alot of horse references – both direct and indirect. The obvious is when Charlotte decides to conquer her fears and try riding again. A little less obvious is when Carrie […]

What Book is On Carrie’s Desk?

On Season 2 Ep 18, “Ex and the City,”  within the first 5 minutes of the episode, Carrie is at home writing after just having had dessert with the girls at the coffee shop and she’s trying to figure out what plus what equals friendship with an ex?  And can you be friends with an […]

Bunny and Ducks and Plaid! Oh My!

In season 4 episode 5 “Ghost Town,”  Charlotte comes to the realization that  her and Trey’s apartment that is full of plaid and duck decoys was completely decorated by Bunny and Trey had nothing to do with it.  The scene starts with a quick view of the apartment and we see a framed picture of […]

Sleeve up, Sleeve Down- On Carrie Bradshaw

In season 3 episode 11 “Running with Scissors”  when Carrie is at the bar with Miranda confessing to her about her affair with Big- part of the conversation her right sleeve is up (to match the left sleeve) and sometimes the sleeve is down. And it doesn’t fall down and remain down.  Just a little […]

Authenticity or product placement?

The two stores with multiple mentions/appearances in the show are Duane Reade Drugs and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Which makes me wonder – is this authenticity of the show or product placement?  I tend to lean towards authenticity of the show. The writers see these two stores as where the characters would actually have shopped. […]

Is that an AQUARIUM Owner’s Guide Steve’s reading?!?

Season 3 episode 6 “Are We Sluts?” – the one where Miranda finds out she has chlamydia and then has doctor-terrified Steve go take the test for it only to find out his results were negative (as well as his experience! ha!).  Later that night they are in bed discussing what their “numbers” are and for the first […]

Starting to blog about Sex and the City

If there was a college degree that involved watching Sex and the City over and over again, I would have a PhD by now.  If watching Sex and the City was illegal then I would be sentenced to life in prison and the evidence they would find against me would include: The series box set […]