Horse and the City

In Season 2, Ep 18 “Ex and the City” – the episode where Big tells Carrie that him and Natasha are engaged – there are alot of horse references – both direct and indirect.

The obvious is when Charlotte decides to conquer her fears and try riding again.



A little less obvious is when Carrie decides she wants to try to be friends with Big and she calls his house.  During that phone call -where first Natasha answers and she quickly hangs up but then realizes Big has caller I.D. and calls back again- the book on the bookshelf to Carrie’s left is “The Horseman.”  What’s interesting is if you look up the writer of the book – Joseph Kessel – you will see he is a French journalist and novelist.  So not only is the book tying to the show because it is called The Horseman, but it also sounds like a book by an author that Carrie would read, given her love of journalism and writing as well as her longing for Paris and all things French.


Another horse reference that I noticed is in Samantha’s relationship in this episode.  She’s dating “Mr. Cocky” (insert horse/stallion joke here) and right after she meets him, what goes riding right behind her?  A horse and buggy!





The final horse reference is at the very end of the episode, when Carrie – after saying “The girl is lovely Hubble” to Big as he gets back into the limo with Natasha post their engagement party – she sees a horse and thinks “maybe I didn’t break Big, maybe the problem was he couldn’t break me? Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone, just as wild to run with.”



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  1. Crispy Duck · · Reply

    Another horse reference you have missed:

    When Samantha has decided that she can’t accommodate the “well endowed” man. She says “Woah, woah boy” like you would to a horse. He also flops his head on her chest and emits a horse-like snuffle sound.
    Well endowed men are often referred to as being “hung like a horse” too. So there’s another bonus horse reference.

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