Monthly Archives: August 2012

DIY Steve

So after noticing Steve reading the Aquarium Owner’s Guide in season 3, I pay more attention.  Tonight I was flipping through channels and found SATC on TV and it was on the episode “The Cold War” where Carrie stays in with the Russian for four days.  Soooo because I refuse to watch commercials, I got my […]

New York Style

So I’m watching Season 6 part 2 episode 1 and when Carrie is sitting at her desk writing I notice that hanging from her lamp is a New York Style badge. And I think to myself “New York Style?” Isn’t that the name of the fashion show that Carrie was a part of when she […]

The One

Season Six Part 1 Ep 12 – The One – So today I was messaging with one of my cousins about her favorite SATC episode, and she mentioned “The One.” So I decided to watch it again.  What a sweet episode.  While I was watching it I noticed something that is completely obvious and I […]

Hey! He looks familiar!

I was watching season 1 episode 7 “the monogamists” and see two actors that appear later in the series. The first one is Jared the Novelist:     Later he appears in Season 2 Episode 15 “Shortcomings” as Vaughn, the short story writer (premature ejaculator):       The second one plays Big’s friend at a […]

Birthday girls!

I started watching season one again and realized I never noticed that the first episode of the entire show opens with Miranda’s birthday!  It was easy to remember all the other girl’s birthdays on the show so I decided to put them all together in one blog post 🙂 Season 1 Ep 1 – Miranda’s […]

How have I never noticed the caterers?

I have no idea how I have never noticed this!!!  In the episode “Splat!” (Season 6 part 2, ep 6) when Petrovsky has all of Carrie’s friends and significants over for dinner at the beginning of the night, they show him in his kitchen cooking.  (And when you watch the director’s commentary they even talk about […]