How have I never noticed the caterers?

I have no idea how I have never noticed this!!!  In the episode “Splat!” (Season 6 part 2, ep 6) when Petrovsky has all of Carrie’s friends and significants over for dinner at the beginning of the night, they show him in his kitchen cooking.  (And when you watch the director’s commentary they even talk about the fact that they realized they forgot a stove in that nice set of a kitchen!) So I naturally assumed he did the cooking. And somehow NEVER noticed the caterers!!!  And what’s funny, is once I noticed them, I NOTICED them.  They are in three scenes! So when I watched this today I felt like I was watching it for the first time. I have no idea how I never noticed this!!   I think what also clued me in, was for the first time I heard the doorbell ring and he said “it’s the caviar!” Oh yes, because of course he has his dinner catered and orders caviar! lol

This is the first scene where he is “cooking”:


And then come the caterers!!  Setting the table –


In the background during dinner working away –


And when they scroll upstairs to see the scene of the girls now asking Carrie 20 questions about her moving to Paris –


And one final funny tidbit about the episode – it is named “Splat!” and the party girl who died had a front page article on her named Splat and Charlotte put the new puppies that went Splat on that paper!



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