Birthday girls!

I started watching season one again and realized I never noticed that the first episode of the entire show opens with Miranda’s birthday!  It was easy to remember all the other girl’s birthdays on the show so I decided to put them all together in one blog post 🙂

Season 1 Ep 1 – Miranda’s birthday! I love that they have drag queens bringing her her birthday cake!


Season 4 Ep 1-  Carrie’s birthday – when she turns 35 and Samantha plans a party for her at Il Cantanori and due to various circumstances, none of her friends can make the dinner party.  Then she has to pay for her own cake and take it home with her.  This episode is one of my favorites in the series for many reasons.  The best of which is their coffee shop chat at the end where they decide that they are each others soul mates.


Season 5 Ep 3- The girls to go Atlantic City, NJ.  and celebrate Charlotte’s birthday –



SATC The Movie – At the end of the movie they celebrate Samantha’s birthday at 50 and fabulous!





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