The One

Season Six Part 1 Ep 12 – The One –

So today I was messaging with one of my cousins about her favorite SATC episode, and she mentioned “The One.” So I decided to watch it again.  What a sweet episode.  While I was watching it I noticed something that is completely obvious and I am wondering how in the world I never noticed this?!?!  In the beginning of the episode Carrie and Charlotte go to see the artist who is starving herself and sitting in a gallery all night.  The ladder up to where she is sitting is made of knives!!!  I have no idea how I never noticed this. Probably because every time I have seen it I have been wondering if that is Jennifer Aniston!  I know it is not but wow the girl sure does look like her to me!  I mean, obviously, Jennifer Aniston is WAY prettier but isn’t there a resemblance?!  Even remotely?  (still, I know, no excuse for me not noticing those knives!!)  And even during the conversation that Charlotte and Carrie first have with Aleksandr Petrovsky, Carrie mentions the knives!! Apparently I was never clued in!

Here’s the pic of the ladder-o-knives!


Here is the Aniston “look alike”:



Do you see it too? Or am I just WAY off?

And one last thing I wanted to post that I think is really cool about this episode.  Disclaimer  – nothing I can take credit for noticing. When I watched the episode with the director’s commentary, Michael Patrick King says that they purposely have Carrie leave her purse in the taxi so Mikhail Baryshnikov can run after the taxi and do this jump and show off a ballet move 🙂  Very cool!!



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  1. YES!! I am 99.9% sure that Jennifer Aniston is the “starving girl” in the art exhibit in this episode. I just watched it again. No doubt!

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