If there was a college degree that involved watching Sex and the City over and over again, I would have a PhD by now. If watching Sex and the City was illegal then I would be sentenced to life in prison and the evidence they would find against me would include:

  • The series box set (oh yes, that nice pink velvety one)
  • Individual series on DVD – seasons 1, 3, 4, & 6 part 1 – (because you must preserve the velvety-box ones and use these for watching on planes of course!)
  • The coffee-table book about the series
  • Sex and the City the movie – (the two-disc special edition with the extended cut version? why yes!!)
  • Sex and the City the movie regular version (DVD that I bought in desperation at an airport when I realized I was about to board the plane with NO SATC DVDs on me!! ”Horror of horrors!” )
  • The coffee-table book about Sex and the City the movie
  • The movie – Sex and the City 2 on DVD
  • Sex and the City season 3 and various episodes from season 2 and 5 on iPhone and iPad
  • A Sex and the City trivia card game
  • And last but not least- ticket stubs from the SATC tour in NYC! (if you haven’t done this tour, I highly recommend it!)

And yet after all of this I still watch SATC with my HBO on demand subscription or if I happen to see it on syndicated television.

So after years and years of watching and re-watching all of these DVDs I started to notice all sorts of random things about the series that interested and sometimes fascinated me. I would text my BFF and my cousin (also fanatics) these things I noticed and they would be like ‘how did you notice that?’ “you need to start a blog!” So here we are. I’ve decided to start putting all of these things that I notice in one place for you as a SATC fan to enjoy along with me. I hope you enjoy! But don’t worry I’ll keep my entries short so you can get back to watching SATC!! 🙂


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