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Twin Towers on Sex and the City

In remembrance of 9/11 this blog post is dedicated to the twin towers.  So far these are shots of the twin towers I have noticed.  As I see more throughout the series, I will update this blog post.  I will never forget 9/11.       Season 1 episode 7:   Season 4 episode 4: […]

New York Style

So I’m watching Season 6 part 2 episode 1 and when Carrie is sitting at her desk writing I notice that hanging from her lamp is a New York Style badge. And I think to myself “New York Style?” Isn’t that the name of the fashion show that Carrie was a part of when she […]

Hey! He looks familiar!

I was watching season 1 episode 7 “the monogamists” and see two actors that appear later in the series. The first one is Jared the Novelist:     Later he appears in Season 2 Episode 15 “Shortcomings” as Vaughn, the short story writer (premature ejaculator):       The second one plays Big’s friend at a […]

Birthday girls!

I started watching season one again and realized I never noticed that the first episode of the entire show opens with Miranda’s birthday!  It was easy to remember all the other girl’s birthdays on the show so I decided to put them all together in one blog post 🙂 Season 1 Ep 1 – Miranda’s […]

Bunny and Ducks and Plaid! Oh My!

In season 4 episode 5 “Ghost Town,”  Charlotte comes to the realization that  her and Trey’s apartment that is full of plaid and duck decoys was completely decorated by Bunny and Trey had nothing to do with it.  The scene starts with a quick view of the apartment and we see a framed picture of […]

Authenticity or product placement?

The two stores with multiple mentions/appearances in the show are Duane Reade Drugs and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Which makes me wonder – is this authenticity of the show or product placement?  I tend to lean towards authenticity of the show. The writers see these two stores as where the characters would actually have shopped. […]